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04 Variants

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This isn't art. It's just a barbecue that pushed me too far. (to the barbecue) Didn't you? Didn't you!

Homer Simpson

False Sense of Security

about the variants

There's a reason for all the noise about generative and AI art -- it's super fun. I'm all about trying new things, so I'm applying some of these techniques to the images from my atmosfear collection on Cardano.

Each variant is a step I took in using AI and digital manipulation to degrade, distort, and break down an image from atmosfear by subjecting it to multiple rounds of filtering and/or texturizing in my mobile camera, Krita, Gimp, and Flickr. Then I play with them in Glitch Lab. In some cases, I distress them further by drawing on them and/or layering them.

There is beauty in destruction. And destruction isn't the end. It's often the only facilitator of a new beginning we'll pay attention to.